Hurricane Creek offers several miles of scenic hiking trails. Upon entering the park you will immediately cross a bridge over a RAIN FED waterfall (typically late September thru May). A few yards further gets you to the Hi-trail / Low-trail intersection. The Low trail descends quickly through a steep, 29 step winding staircase that leads to the Picnic Area. The Hi-Trail is a bit longer and passes the Natural Bridge & waterfalls. The Hi-Trail  leads to the Picnic Area; it also leads to the more secluded Picnic Platforms. The Creekside trail is a flat out and back trail where many of the wildflowers grow, and is an easy hike.

Across the creek you will find  the South Ridge Loop. This trail winds to the left, in the down creek direction, along mid-ridge level and leads to the Twilite Tunnel. The tunnel is fave of the children and there is sunlight visible about midway through.  Those who do not wish to hike through it may take the trail around. This loop ascends up to the next level and leads through a beautiful Hidden Valley, through the rock formation called Bottle Neck and ends just west of the picnic area at the creek. Here you can take a rest at Kissing Rock This is where you will find the only surviving bridge across the creek. There have been several that have washed away during times of flood. Heading in the direction West/Up Creek will take you to the cable car pavillion (the cable car is a relic that is no longer used due to liability issues). At this point you will conntinue up the steep switchback trail that brings you back to the top of the canyon.

Along the way you wil see many species of tree, shrub and flower. One of our most abundant tree species is the Big Leaf Magnolia or "Cowcumber" a type of Magnolia with 24" leaves. You will also see Mountain Laurel and Oak Leaf Hydrangea. In the Spring and fall there are so many wild flowers along the Creekside path that you will think you are in a perfume factory!

The park is home to a variety of wildlife including the American Cameleon, Horny Toad, Red Fox, Raccoon, White-Tail Deer, and a wide variety of wild birds. Hurricane Creek Park plays host to many migratory songbirds and we are proud to be listed as an official stop on The North Alabama Birding Trail.
Hurricane Creek Park
William "Buddy " Rodgers Natural Area